Cars and Power Demonstration

I have thought about cars a lot because ever since I was young I have amassed a large amount of miniatures, and here are some of them.

Obviously, the first and foremost of cars is to get people from one place to another. I'm not going to discuss any aspect of this, because it's not my focus, and anyway smarter people have already made enough comments about that. I'd like to instead discuss a more side-effect aspect, which is hinted at in the title above.

It's also quite a half-baked idea, so this will be briefer than some of the other writings that I have made here. It will also be pretty unorganised.

If you watch many movies about superheros or otherwise non-human living things that are very large, one of the things that end to happen is that they'd go to a city and start breaking things. Of course, there are generally a lot of cars in a city, so that means that they'd usually take it out on cars too.

There's really not that much to it, but here's my take on how the car is an easy and somewhat obvious reference to something that's fairly strong but not absurdly so, like a bridge or a house. In other words, the average human experiences a large number of experiences where something destroys a car (e.g. another car, or a train), but also has an idea on how cars break things (mostly, injures a human or a small animal). So, the strength of a car is roughly known in both the lower and the upper end. It's familiar.

Also, cars are kind of like animals but made of metal, and so are more disposable. They are, in essence, funny-looking horses anyway. So there's that.

This has took me officially way too long to write for no reason. I think I will stop here.

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