Miscellany and meta

This page has links that involve everything and nothing at the same time. It contains article ideas that, when I finish writing them, will become links.

They can be broadly divided into three parts:

Writing and artistry

These articles are about writing in general, as well as other forms of visual and aural arts.

How gemtext and things that render gemtext alter how I write

Monetising conlangs

Masquerades and re-attribution of man's accomplishments

On station songs

On topic symbols

Cars and Power Demonstration

A particular aesthetic

Writing all four ways

The Generalised Kaohsiung Technique

Trolls & Utauloids – Internal Structure and Appeal

Wonder and Feeling Clever – alternatives to "subverting expectations"

A story about information and memory

A comic, a cameo and an extraction of the incorrect essence

Another thing about names and hiding them

The meaning of a property to "belong" to an entertainment conglomerate

Numerical articles

These articles discuss in broad terms about language, the things one write with the language, and some mathematics.

Mahjong and π

Using notation to understand the world

Twitch earnings and the Zipfian distribution

Kvetching about Bitcoin – a quantitative approach

Dual-wielding planners

My digits 10 and 11 (ported from Gemlog.blue)

How roads shaped my life

Rejected Pokemon Title names

A notation for fairy chess pieces

1, 29, 493; or, a lack of sense of numerical aesthetic shows up everywhere

Para-bishops and the infinite-dimensional chessboard

Four Random Questions (making flavour text for things using questions that only I can answer, mostly involving numbers)

The Legibility Series

I have some strange strawman-like political thoughts. But it's part of an effort of trying to build some kind of coherent worldview that so far doesn't seem to have worked out. I hope these articles can show some of that inner turmoil.

Petrolheads and anoraks – the mentality of transport

The Great Dividing Line in History


Reflections on a mouse pointer on a sign

A random thought about adverts

Bonus links


Replies to other stuff

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