This is my Gemini capsule. I keep the word "Gemini" capitalised mainly to satisfy my spell checker. This series of pages, wherever they might be, is going to be the centrepiece of my Gemini presence.

The title of the page is the word "capsule" rendered as if it were a E.-Pasaru word. It is one of my conlangs. You can read about it here further down this page.

This capsule may occasionally serve text/org files instead of text/gemini if I believe that the limitations on Gemtext is too encumbering to write certain things (e.g. having a deeply nested heading structure, inline links and tables). This may make certain browsers angry, even though text/org, like Gemtext, is a plain-text markup format, though one that has all the bells and whistles rather than minimalist.


The link above contains an example Org file with the text "Hi, this is an Org file for a test." If it shows up as plain text, then that's the ideal case. Otherwise, well, there's not very much I can do about it.

Things on this capsule

Creative pursuits


Other things

Other pages may be added as the need arises and as time permits.

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Who I am

I'm a random guy with a number of interests all revolving around writing and notation systems in one way or another. I have grand plans of a website of my own that would contain what I think and what I did, but like all things the lack of time and action points made short work of those ambitions. A Gemini capsule, however, seems like just the amount of effort I can afford in the limited time that I have after a long day of work. In any case, it would become part of this grand scheme, because being able to write stuff like this is actually quite relaxing.

I try to emphasise and identify myself by what I do rather than what I am. Therefore I won't say too much about myself in particular other than that I am a post-90s Hongkonger with the usual qualities, other than being left-handed which comes up now and again. I'm broadly unsatisfied with the current political situation there, and that's about as much as I can comfortably say in public. The things I think about make me think that my real political affiliation is "straw-man" sometimes.

Where I also am

Social networks

In order of most to least desirable to be on, more or less:


My gemlog, hosted on gemlog.blue






Public key

I have an email you can reach me at, which is my username (in lowercase, the one common part to all the links above) hosted on Disroot, TLD .org. I trust you can figure it out using this paragraph alone. As with all things, it is not explicitly written down to cut down on possible spam.


And then there are these places that don't really have much of a ranking, because they're really utilitarian:

My plant on Astrobotany

Gitea, hosted at Tymoon


A GitHub pages site

(It contains a lot of old guff that I leave up to maintain links. I don't really feel like deleting it though, even though I've moved on from a lot of that. Some of this will be ported to here.)

🗼 gemini://isoraqathedh.pollux.casa/