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1-29-493: 1:29:493

accessibility: Machine accessibility is human accessibility

aesthetic: A particular aesthetic

article-conventions: Some article formatting standards for gemtext

cars: Cars and Power Demonstration

detritus: Miscellany and meta

digits-10-and-11: My digits 10 and 11

dirs: Directory listing

ed1.5: Adventures in xenharmony – conxenharmony

energy-competition: Kvetching about Bitcoin – a quantitative approach

fillet: Filleting and the circle that doesn't hide anything

four-random-questions: Four Random Questions

franchises: The meaning of a property to "belong" to an entertainment conglomerate


gemlog-2021-10: Checking in – November 2021

gem-org-odt: Writing all four ways

headspace-claim: Names as head-space claims

history-line: The Great Dividing Line in History

index: kæpsyël

just-so-story: On Google and Ads – a just-so story

jyutcitzi: Opinions on Jyutcitzi

kaohsiung: The Generalised Kaohsiung Technique

language-list: Language list

lispy-chess-piece-notation: Lispy Chess Piece Notation

masquerades: Masquerades and re-attribution of man's accomplishments

misc-ideas: Miscellaneous writing ideas

mjr: Mahjong game notation

monetising-conlangs: Monetising conlangs

mouse-pointer: The Mouse Pointer

names: A story about information and memory

noncharacters: Trolls & Utauloids – Internal Structure and Appeal

not-a-merc: A comic, a cameo and an extraction of the incorrect essence

notation: Using notation to understand the world

parabishops: Para-bishops and the infinite-dimensional chessboard

pi-mj: Mahjong and π

programming: Programming projects

rejected-pmon-titles: Rejected Pokemon Title names

re/power-of-git: Re: Finally Understanding the Power of Git

roads-and-life: How roads shaped my life

scheduler: Dual-wielding planners

some-writing-ideas: Some writing ideas

station-songs: On station songs

topic-symbols: Topic symbols

transport-mentality: Petrolheads and anoraks – the mentality of transport

twitch-stats: Twitch earnings and the Zipfian distribution

ujmj: Ùzje Mahjong

wonder: Wonder and Feeling Clever – alternatives to "subverting expectations"

worldbuilding: Worldbuilding projects

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